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Tele- Education program opening ceremony at Herat University.

Ghulam M Feda,  AEBT President with Herat University faculty members attended a ribbon cutting ceremony that honors the opening of Tele

First AEBT Tele Education Class at University of Herat.

AEBT proudly introduced the first of a series of Tele-Education programs with Herat University, thanks to the vision of our CEO, Ghulam Feda. 

AEBT launches the use of Tele-Education in Herat University

Afghan Education for a Better Tomorrow (AEBT) is pleased to announce that based on its mission and principles, it has been in the forefront of expanding opportunities by providing educational resources to various Afghan Institutions.
Top on its list is a Memora

Afghan Education for a Better Tomorrow and Raqim Foundation Tele-Medicine project

The Raqim Foundation, in collaboration with Afghan Education for a Better Tomorrow, has launched a Tele-Medicine pilot project in Kalakan, a village in Afghanistan. This system is satellite and  internet based and is powered by solar panels.